fuzzy notepad


Hello! I’m Eevee. I dabble in miscellaneous things.

I wrote veekun, a Pokémon database (with considerable help).

I sort of generally do computers. I’m not great at finishing my own endeavors, but I’ve contributed work to a number of open source projects.

I write about various thingsprogramming languages, usability, game development, electrical engineering, scaling social interactions up to platforms of millions, and who knows what else.

I’m learning to draw. Most of my work only ends up on my Twitter, which is also full of bad jokes and cat photos. Eventually I’ll get around to collecting some of it into a little art gallery, but I’m not that good yet.

I dabble in making games.

I help my partner with the technical side of their webcomic.

I’m currently supported by Patreon, a service that lets you give me a few bucks a month so I can keep doing what I’m doing. There are milestones that compel me to write more things every month, if you’d like to see that happen.

I live in Las Vegas with my ridiculous cat, my partner, their three cats, and their husband.