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[dev] Weekly roundup: short reprieve

I was feeling pretty run down at the end of June. I think I wore myself out a little bit. DUMP 2, then Under Construction, then DUMP 3 (which I missed), and all the while fretting over Under Construction.

I took this past SGDQ week “off” and spent it mostly doodling. I’m a bit better now! I’m a post behind for June, a third of the way into July; don’t worry, I’ll catch up.

July doesn’t have a theme. I’ve got some stuff to do, and I’ll do it.

  • art: The 30-minute daily Pokémon continue, though not quite so “daily” for a bit there. I also made a quick birthday gift for a friend, spent a preposterous amount of time painting a hypothetical evolution, and drew an Extyrannomon for Extyrannomon. Plus a lot of doodling.

    Oh, and I put together an art more good chart for the first half of this year.

  • zdoom: My experiment with embedding Lua is a little cleaner — you can now embed a Lua script in a map and call it from a linedef (switch, etc.), making it slightly more of a real proof-of-concept. I also did some research into how to serialize the entire state of the interpreter, for the sake of quicksaves.

  • gamedev: I did a little more work on rainblob, the tiny PICO-8 platformer I started a month or so ago. It now supports multiple “rooms” and has a couple simple intro puzzles. I also wrote about 20% of a Tetris clone using pentominoes while watching SGDQ’s Tetris runs.

  • veekun: I gathered all of Bulbapedia’s Sugimori art to replace the rather low-res and incomplete collection veekun has at the moment. Not up yet, though. I looked into the current state of extracting skeletal animations, yet again, and did not find any traces of success. Alas.

Back to work this week, then!

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(illus. by Rumwik)