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[dev] Weekly roundup: doing better

July is themeless.

I’m doing better!

  • art: Daily Pokémon continue, perhaps a bit too sporadically to be called “daily” but whatever. Also a sunset painting that came out really cool, damn. And this painting of a new Sun/Moon Pokémon. And a lot of other doodling.

    I’ve been trying out a bunch of Krita brushes, and I’m not quite happy with any of them, but I’m getting enough of a feel for what I like to start making my own.

  • twitter: I finally automated @leafeon_brands, my blocklist of advertisers. It now automatically blocks ads shown to my primary account.

  • blog: I wrote some stuff about color, which somehow took way longer than I’d expected — I was hoping for a day or two, and it feels like it took most of the week. That wraps up my June posts, so, er, I really gotta get moving on July.

  • book: I had a book idea that seems to have a lot more staying power than the last one or two, and I did a bunch of research and planning for it. I’ll talk about it later, when I have something to show.

  • flora: I was dragged into fixing shipping for the Floraverse store, which thankfully mostly worked itself out before it became too much of a nightmare.

I’m working on two posts at the moment, so I should be able to catch up soon. As soon as I can, I want to find some blocks of time to experiment with art, work on Runed Awakening and this book idea, and spruce up veekun.

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