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[dev] Weekly roundup: what even is sleep

August is loosely about video games, but really it’s about three big things in particular.

I accidentally went nocturnal again, which always leaves me exhausted for a couple days as atonement for skipping an entire day, so this week was a little less productive than the last two.

  • art: Drew, just, a ridiculous amount of stuff. Pages of sketches. Several birthday gifts. Even some serious attempts to learn from other artists’ work. Somehow I did zero “daily” Pokémon, though.

  • blog: Wrote and published a quick lament about attribution on the web. Also finally put the article “summary” (the bit before the read-more link) in Twitter cards, so, that’s nice.

  • book: Decent progress? Took a bunch more notes; converted a good chunk of my existing notes into real prose; rewrote the preface; cleaned up some aesthetic issues that had been bugging me.

  • hax: I took a day to make a ridiculous ROM hack for a friend’s birthday. Learned some neat things about the Game Boy along the way, though.

I count drawing as genuine useful work, since it’s practicing a thing I’m trying to learn, so I still did a decent amount of stuff this week. Just, ah, not too much of it was the Three Things. My sleep seems to be mostly un-fucked now, so this next week should go a little better. I think I can still have decent progress to show on the three things, though maybe not quite everything I wanted.

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(illus. by Rumwik)