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[dev] Weekly roundup: Slow catchup

Trying to catch up on stuff and also relax a bit, simultaneously, and the results are confusing.

  • blog: I wrote a late sponsored post on utopia. Also some work on a couple others I have in mind.

  • idchoppers: On a total whim, I started writing a WAD parsing and whatnot library in Rust, called idchoppers. It doesn’t do a whole lot yet and it’s kind of a mess while I figure out how to design types in Rust, but it’s enough that I managed to flip every map in Doom 2 and dump MAP01 to SVG.

  • games: I played a lot of Strawberry Jam games, and I think I’m still only halfway through, yikes.

I feel awake and decently-rested, but somehow still drained. Oof.

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(illus. by Rumwik)