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[dev] Weekly roundup: Spectacular return

Hey! Miss these? Great! I’m doing them again and no one can stop me.

  • art: I spent half the week rendering. Something, something, joke about rendering and EEVEE. No but really, I found out I’m kind of okay at this and set out to paint a whole lineup of all my Floraverse characters, which turned out to be really hard and time-consuming, but anyway here’s Lexy and slightly weirder Lexy and Cerise. Only, like, seven more to go.

    Hm. If only I’d constructed some sort of art website to put this kind of work on. If… only.

  • fox flux: This game keeps plodding along. I added a little blowing-a-kiss mechanic a while ago, and I finally gave it a real animation, which I then spruced up a bit more after recording that GIF. Also been cleaning up a big mess of half-finished features I left for myself, including particle effects for— well, that would spoil it!

  • strawberry jam: I’m running Strawberry Jam 3, the low-pressure month-long horny game jam! I haven’t gotten very far on my game yet, but most of the work is going to be upfront planning (I hope), so that’s not too worrisome. I just started writing code today, and hopefully will have some kinda rough skeleton done by the 25% point on Friday.

    This is gonna be most of my month! What an exciting topic to come back to.

More coming down the pipe; I’m accelerating all the time.

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(illus. by Rumwik)