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[dev] Weekly roundup: Off to a good start

I already missed a week! But I was mostly working on a jam game so that’s not too surprising.

  • art: Trying to keep up a semi-regular drawing schedule, with mixed success. I’m still working on my character lineup painting, though I’ve hit a few awkward spots that are proving difficult to fix. Sketched some stuff a few times. Drew Lexy with a sword.

  • music: I made part of a song, which was originally going to be for the Strawberry Jam game, and then I forgot about it, whoops. And now I will very much not have time to do music. It was coming out pretty okay, though, which is encouraging!

  • alice’s day off: Hey, remember this? Our wildly explicit VN for last year’s Strawberry Jam, which we intended to finish a few months later, and then, didn’t? Still working on it! I wrote out rough drafts for a couple more routes. This’ll probably become my main priority after this month, so I can actually get another thing done and off my plate.

  • cerise: Spent a lot of time on engine work (some of it not even necessary) and probably not enough on the game itself, and now I only have ten days left oops. Parallax layers are now actors, Tiled support is cleaned up a lot, sprites support four angles (or really, an arbitrary number of angles), physics were updated for top-down mode, and I finally implemented raycasting for realsies. Cleaned up dialogue code a lot, again, and put together basic dialogue UI.

    Fixing raycasting was a fun little problem, and free top-down movement offered an interesting little vector puzzle. Maybe I’ll write about those sometime.

    I also spent a little time porting some of my other LÖVE games to use my updated engine code, which also means they should run on LÖVE 11. I’m not finished yet, but once the month is over, I’d like to get updated releases out. It’ll only really matter for Linux users, since the Windows and Mac downloads include their own copy of the LÖVE runtime, but I’m a Linux user, so.

I better, uh, go get to work on this game.

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