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[dev] Weekly roundup: Cherry Kisses

Hello hello! I finally finished that game I was working on, so now I might actually be back to some sort of normal dev schedule.

Except I’m gonna be kinda occupied for the next week or so. So.

  • cherry kisses: Hey hey I finished making Cherry Kisses, which is super duper NSFW! It’s probably the most well-designed and polished thing I/we have released, though. Whoops! I gotta stop accidentally making sex games.

    There’s some little niceties in there. Maybe I should, like, write about it sometime.

    Also attempted to get it to work on Android, which… is… non-trivial, despite LÖVE being “able” to target Android.

  • particle wipe generator: Cherry Kisses includes a cool heart transition between scenes, which took a surprising amount of effort to create, so I packaged up the code and put some dials and knobs on it. Now you can use the particle wipe generator to make your own particley transitions! Also hosted locally.

    Maybe I should, like, write about how this works sometime. Can’t wait for someone to tell me how I could’ve done it a thousand times more easily.

  • irl: We did some spring cleaning! Very exciting for anyone who doesn’t live here, I know. Our bedroom is no longer half-full of half-unpacked boxes, which is pretty nice.

  • sudoku: I occasionally waste time with a nice sudoku app, which has a free ad-supported version and a paid version. It has a sequel now, which is even better, but which only comes free with ads. I am incensed by this so I started writing my own JS player out of spite. Unclear whether my spite will last long enough to produce something usable.

Pretty happy to be back to makin’ things! I love that I could spin off some throwaway helper code into a little gamedev tool, and I’d definitely like to do more of that sort of thing in the future.

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