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[blog] Mozilla and free speech

What a fucking clusterfuck.

In case you were absent from the Internet the past two weeks, or for some reason don’t care about tech shenanigans, the following has happened:

  • Six years ago: Brendan Eich, inventor of JavaScript and founding member of Mozilla, donated $1,000 to support Prop 8, the amendment to the California state constitution that sought to define marriage to exclude same-sex couples, and that apparently would have voided 18,000 existing same-sex¬†marriages.

  • Two years ago: Someone dug up and published a list of everyone who donated to Prop 8. The tech community noticed Eich, CTO at the time, was on the list. There was some furor, enough that Eich responded on his blog. Nothing else really happened, and it blew¬†over.

  • March 24: Eich was made CEO. People still remember that whole Prop 8 thing. All hell breaks¬†loose.

  • April 1: OKCupid adds a big splash page for Firefox users, asking them to maybe switch browsers in protest of Eich‚Äôs appointment. All hell¬†escalates.

  • April 1: Eich does an interview with CNet in which he says he‚Äôs the best man for the job. The interviewer asks him pointedly about Prop 8 several times, and Eich deflects. All hell escalates¬†further.

  • April 3: Eich steps down as CEO. All hell becomes sort of morose¬†quietness.

  • April 3: The world outside the tech community catches wind of all this. All hell breaks loose,¬†again.

I’m pretty interested in that last part, but first: