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[blog] Eevee has gained 1801 experience points…

Eevee grew to level 25!

Ho jeez what have I even done this year.

  • Left a job I was unhappy with and scored an infrastructure gig at Yelp. If I ended the list right here I still ought to be satisfied with that alone.

  • Acquired mel and her husband.

  • Got a cat. I realize as I type that that I haven’t actually posted about that. Or anything, in a while.

  • Hacked on… a few things. I’m in a weird place with hobby programming and need to make it fun again, but…

    • floof got a visual refresh and a port to Pyramid.

    • raidne got, eh, not really anywhere.

    • Started sanpera, and got it basically functional, and learned Cython in the process.

    • Jumped ship to github, which is pretty cool.

  • Met some ancient friends I hadn’t seen in years, if at all.

  • Contributed to mel’s DA PMD group canon by actually writing fictional prose for the first time.

  • Got on hackernews once, and reddit at least twice.

  • Started collecting Pokémon plushes oh god help

I feel like everything is crazy all the time and it leaves me never wanting to really sit down and work in my spare time any more. Maybe that should be more okay than I pretend it is.

I’ve been trying out workflowy; it’s working much better than any todo thing I’ve ever tried to use.

Goals for the year seem like an appropriate thing, but I’d just list “get project X to point Y” and I have enough self-imposed useless pressure like that. So instead, let’s aim to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy. 8)

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