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[blog] Once more, with feeling

Let’s try this again.

Blogofile was a cool experiment, but unfortunately it’s been effectively abandoned. It’s not bad, but it has a lot of warts that add friction to blogging, and I need all the non-friction I can get.

So this is powered by Octopress. It’s a Ruby thing wrapped around Jekyll, which I guess is GitHub’s wiki engine or something, and I strongly suspect that Blogofile took a lot of inspiration from it.

It’s still the same basic idea: static generation, Markdown, templates, Disqus, etc. But it’s a bit more fully-featured from the get-go, has some shortcuts that make it harder for me to avoid writing thoughts down, and does the deployment for me.

This default theme ain’t bad, either. Rather not have the exact same blog as dozens of other nerds, but it’s a start.

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