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[art] Pokédex doodles, part 1

Inktober” is a thing where you do an ink drawing every day throughout October. I tried it, mostly got frustrated at producing scribbly crap with errant lines everywhere, and gave up after a few days.

I know drawing without relying on an eraser is good practice, and it’s definitely something I want to get better at. So here’s an attempt at combining it with speedpainting, where poor results are more palatable, because hey I didn’t have much time anyway.

The rules:

  • Draw Pokémon, in order
  • Pose must be different from the stock/reference artwork
  • I have to publish the results, no matter how terrible
  • 5 minute hard time limit
  • No erasing
  • No undo
  • No layers
  • No layer modes
  • No starting over
  • No cheating

Mel pointed out that the rules are likely to get old after a while, so I might shake them up every couple dozen or so, or change how I’m drawing, or whatever.

Here’s the first batch. I’m underwhelmed, but not ready to throw my tablet out the window, so that’s an improvement. Let’s see how this goes.