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[blog] Comment policy

I’m still dealing with cretins’ comments on my PHP post, two years later. I’ve always made an effort to never delete or ban any of them, in the interest of allowing discussion and all that jazz.

But let me tell you, it is fucking exhausting reading all that and I am tired of it. And I just realized I wrote a sassy post about Mozilla.

So the comment policy is thus:

Keep your fucking vitriol to your own blog.

Disagree with me all you want. In fact, I encourage it! I love to know when I’m wrong, and arguing over things is how I figure out why I think them in the first place.

But this space is mine, and I even said long ago that the comments are really optional. The important stuff here is what I say, not what you say. If what you say is clearly only intended to be destructive, it and you are gone. I’ve had enough.

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