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[dev] Weekly roundup: Triple Monday

Howdy, stranger.

May’s theme is clearing my pl— sorry, scratch that, May’s theme is completely out the window. I spent two and a half weeks working on virtually nothing but a PICO-8 game with Mel. Oops.

The upshot is that… we made a game, Under Construction! I’ve never released a serious, complete, independent game before. Neat. Here’s hoping I do more of that.

A couple of other things happened.

  • art: I drew a, uh, Leafeon/Braixen hybrid. I also drew an Eevee sprite for the credits in Under Construction.

  • doom: I tinkered a bit when very exhausted with working on UC. I think I only really made a little progress on the pain elemental variant, and rigged ammo to drop smaller ammo if you didn’t need all of it.

  • blog: I wrote about making Under Construction and what it was like to work with the PICO-8. I also wrote most of an extremely ambitious Perlin noise post (with interactive gizmos!), which I just finished earlier today.

I still have some obligations left for this month, like one more post (up to four now! augh!), and then next month I can finally spend clearing my plate.


Something looms on the horizon.

Is that…

Could it be…

Oh no.

DUMP 3 was announced

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