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[dev] Weekly roundup: Back to normal

As I said before, I was occupied for a bit, but now I should finally be able to get back to doing these weekly! I did manage to get a few things done over the past three weeks:

  • flora: Finished up and published a Luneko species sheet! Happy April Fool.

    That’s Anise. Anise is the April fool, and also he’s happy.

  • blog: I wrote about how the particle wipe generator works, in lurid detail! I think it’s an interesting little read, even if you have no use for the tool itself.

    I also spent a lot of time backfilling old art on my (clean) art gallery. It’s not updated quite yet; there’s a lot to go to, shockingly so, and I haven’t even made it through year one yet. Honestly, I’m kind of embarrassed by how much my output declined over time.

  • art: Speaking of, I’m back to drawing regularly, instead of just saying I wish I were drawing regularly! I think I’ve actually been drawing pretty regularly for like two weeks now. Most of it is porn. I should probably draw some not-porn, too. It’s just, you know, porn is a lot of fun to draw.

  • secret thing: I laid some groundwork for the little game engine I’m writing and haven’t really talked about yet. More on that, including maybe even a name, once I feel like I have some kinda proof of concept.

  • sudoku thing: I taught it about extra regions so now it can be used to play hyper sudoku? I don’t know why I’m even making this. It’s kind of unusable until I add undo/redo and puzzle generation, and both of those are effort. I guess I’ll see if my spite is strong enough to power me through both.

  • streaming: Ash and I played video games on the internet while high and you can watch it if you really want to for some reason.

Hey, that’s not too bad a haul, considering I didn’t even have time to work for most of the month! Got some good stuff going on, glad to see I’m up to speed again at last.

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(illus. by Rumwik)